Gilbert Artificial Turf. Remove Stains From Fake Grass

Gilbert Artificial Turf Installers For Stain RemovalAccidents will happen on your lawn at some point. Some things, like grease and motor oil, can leave stains on your fake grass that won’t come out.

When you step on this grease and dirt, it’s easy for it to get into the grass. But, when you have to clean it up, it can take you hours of work. Besides this, there are pet urine stains you can find, which can smell.

The best way out of this is to stop stains from beginning or clean your pet’s mess as soon as possible. Here are a few tips on artificial grass care from the best Artificial Turf installers, Luxury Turf.


How To Stop Stains on Gilbert Fake Grass

So keep things like handyman repairs and engine work as far away as possible from your fake grass. And make sure your shoes don’t bring these things onto your lawn.

But what if it happened already? Don’t worry; Luxury Turf can advise and help.

Pet urine, cola, blood, tea, and coffee are all common household stains that are easy to get out of artificial turf.

On any Gilbert artificial turf installation, follow these steps:


  1. Act quickly. If you clean up the stain as soon as possible, it won’t have time to set and get further into the surface.
  2. Use paper towels to soak up as much of the mess as possible. Cat litter can also soak up the stain.
  3. Remember to dab and blot, but never wipe! This will ensure you don’t move the stain and make things worse.
  4. After that, mix some water and dish soap to make a light cleaning solution.
  5. Spraying this solution on the stain with a spray bottle is a gentle way to get rid of it. Add a 3% solution of ammonia to this cleaning solution if you need something more substantial.
  6. After cleaning, use your garden hose to rinse the area thoroughly.
  7. Mineral spirits can dissolve motor oil, ink, grease, and suntanning oil stains that are hard to get rid of. After that, repeat the steps above to soak up the stains and pull them out.


Getting Dog Urine Out of Fake Grass

Like natural grass, artificial grass allows liquids to flow through it and into the soil. Even dog poop!

Choose a pet-safe synthetic grass if you have pets. These lawns drain rapidly and fight germs.

Dogs are creatures of habit and pee in the same area every day. This makes cleaning easier because you only have to look in one location for pee.

Urine must be washed every day to avoid stains as dog urine can smell on synthetic grass.

Half vinegar and half water neutralize odors well.

If you’re unsure, give the grass a daily rinse to keep it clean. Luxury Turf can advise the best ways of keeping your fake grass installation clean and free from stains.

Get Help From Gilbert Artificial Turf Installers For Stain Removal

If you want an artificial turf installation and want to avoid stains, you can get all the best help from Luxury Turf, the number one Gilbert artificial grass, and a backyard putting green installers.

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